5 Winter Skincare tips

Winter brings with it some really joyous moments, opening presents, cuddling up with a cup of hot cocoa, cute coats and boots, and much more. But it also brings a host of “What the heck is going on with my skin?!” issues. Well, don’t fret! Here are some top tips on how you can keep your skin glowing and soft through the harsh winter weather.


  1. Moisturize more!
  • normal skin should be using cream based moisturizer
  • dry skin can really kick it up a notch with a oil based cream
  • oily skin STILL NEEDS MOISTURIZER! try a water based moisturizer
  • combo skin can find a good balancing moisturizer that can help even out your skin
  • sensitive skin would do well with a calming or soothing formula
  • Mature skin will have a dual regimen, pick from the skin types above and add in an anti-aging formula.

If you aren’t sure what brands are best check out these recommendations from ELLE Magazine.

2.  Try turning on the humidifier

While its cold outside many people crank up the heat which can dry out your skin. Combine that with going from super cold to super warm and your skin will be begging for some moisture. Check out this HoMedics® Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier for a quiet little thing you can keep with you in the home, office or on the go.


No, I don’t mean Gatorade or electrolyte enriched water. You have plenty of electrolytes in your system already. Just drink regular old water, and LOTS of it. Drinking water does a ton of great things for your body including:

  • better organ function (healthier bodies and better ability to metabolize fat)
  • may protect against certain types of cancer
  • improves your mood
  • protects joints and cartilage
  • helps soothe headaches
  • gives you more energy
  • helps your body detox
  • and of course, HYDRATES you from the inside out – which means more supple, healthier skin.

For even more benefits of staying hydrated head on over to Greatist.com and read all about the Benefits of Drinking Water

4. Exfoliate

Scrubbing away that layer of dead skin cells can help you look radiant instead of dull and rough. exfoliate at least once a week. for more tips on how to do this properly head over to Makeup.com

5. Eat a little healthier

Making sure to get your recommended dose of vitamin C can help boost your collagen production which means happier healthier skin. Also, make sure you are eating enough healthy fats like avocados, and oily fish such as salmon. Research suggests getting the proper amount of essential fatty acids can reduce sensitivity to light (still use sunscreen!) and help diminish inflammation due to acne. It also does a host of other awesome things like help alleviate joint pain, promote a healthy heart and boost your immunity.

That should help you off to a great start caring for your skin during the colder months. Don’t forget when you glow other people can feel your warmth.


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Mariah Aurora is an lifestyle and fitness coach and professional Makeup Artist. Her goal is to help as many people as possible overcome personal setbacks so they can achieve the body and life they deserve.

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