Designer Sunglasses For Less

Do you love designer sunglasses, but not the designer price? I just may have a solution for you.

One of my biggest summer obsessions is sunglasses, every summer I try to buy as many sunglasses as possible, but that can get quite expensive when shopping high-end stores.


If you have been steering clear of outlet and discount stores such as TJ-Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls because you believe they do not carry the same quality as the department stores, you may be missing out on some huge savings. That’s just another myth put out there by designer stores who want you to pay full price and have you wasting countless dollars that could still be sitting in your bank account. If you’re curious how discount stores work check out this article by Mental_Floss.

The first step to saving: creating a budget for yourself.

My budget for buying a pair of sunglasses is ten dollars. This price is low enough that you can buy sunglasses till you’re heart’s content without breaking the bank (too much).

The second step: locating the best deals and which stores supply the most of what you need.

In my opinion, Marshalls has the greatest deals on sunglasses I like such as name brand designers like Betsy Johnson, Jessica Simpson, and much more.

The third step: timing.

Discount stores are always putting out new merchandise. Call your local store and find out when they put new inventory on the shelves, that way you can be sure to get there at the right time to get the best selection.

Once you’re in the store, the best time to scope out the sunglasses is when no one is in that section, you can just search and search without being worried about rushing to move out of someone else’s way. Once you’ve scanned the sunglasses always look for the red pricing sticker, this means that the merchandise has been marked down from the original discount store price. Most of the time it will also have the designer’s price listed and you can compare realistically if you are catching a great bargain.

My latest bargain find was a pair of black Steve Madden glasses with a snakeskin accent. The original price was forty-four dollars, the price I paid was four dollars plus tax.



If you’re willing to sacrifice having the newest sunglasses available you can score a pair of last-season’s designer shades for a fraction of the price. Now you not only have a new pair of designer glasses, you also saved a ton of cash!

Another pair of Steve Madden sunglasses found at Marshalls:


Good luck and happy shopping!



Photo ©Queen Bee

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