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We all love information but its important to get different view points so you can make your own decisions, and come to your own conclusions. Reading multiple blogs is a great way to get new ideas and learn to think outside the box. I’ve compiled a list of 4 wonderful nutrition Blogs that you should check out. They are chock-full of yummy and simple recipes that can get you started eating healthier today.

Don’t think about all the hype of “Fad Diets” listed in some of these blogs, like raw food, Paleo, etc. Just know that these ways of eating can be very healthy because they eliminate junk, and processed food and focus on eating real food, from the earth, like we were designed to.

Also, I don’t necessarily believe any of these ways of eating are right or wrong only. There are shades of gray. Eating a vegan meal once in a while even if you aren’t vegan is OK! Making a “Paleo” recipe even if you aren’t Paleo is OK!! If its tasty, reasonably healthy and you feel good eating it then go for it! I guarantee its going to be better than McD’s.

TFHChoosing Raw/The Full HelpingGena is a certified nutritionist, food writer, and cookbook author. Her blog, Choosing Raw, focuses on creating nourishing vegan recipes with a smattering of other relevant information such as animal rights, eating disorder recovery, and self care (but its mostly super tasty recipes like these gluten free vegan espresso brownies, mmm!).

NSNutrition stripped – “ Most people have no idea how good your body is supposed to feel. My Mission. To help you feel it” What a powerful mission, and true! Most people have no idea how amazing they can feel until they make a change. If you’re looking to find recipes that are high in nutrition, antioxidants, anti-inflamitory, simple, and delicious look no further. McKel‘s blog is all about making a real change in your life.

F&FFed & FitCassy Joy Garcia is “on a mission to empower healthy lifestyle transformations through clear nutrition science and delicious Paleo-friendly foods.” Empowering healthy lifestyle transformations is right up our alley! She also has a Podcast if you are busy and would rather listen than sit down and read.

Clean Food Dirty City
Lily is a blogger, nutritional health coach, and plant-based cook in NYC. Her blog is all about creating delicious recipes that are gluten & dairy free, clean and simple.






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