Affordable Fashion for Fit Chicks

Fashion for fit chicks? You’ve come to the right place.

So, you’ve been working hard in the gym and you’re starting to see the ever elusive GAINZ! You are so proud of yourself but then the most horrendous thing ever happens: You can’t fit your jeans. “How is this possible?!?” you ask yourself. Well, its because you’re building muscle in all the right places. Not so if you ask cheap-o clothing companies. Personally, I haven’t been able to find more than one brand of jeans to fit over these thunder thighs for at least a year. So I thought we could all use a little help putting together some stylish clothing ideas for us fit ladies out there.

photo copyright arctic warrior
photo copyright arctic warrior

The first piece of advice I have for you is this: If it doesn’t fit get rid of it, right now. You’re not going to go back to the skinny/fat/out-of-shape person you were before so you need to accept that those clothes have lived a good life and now its time to give the less fortunate a turn to love them as much as you have. Donating your old clothes also serves 2 very important other purposes, it really helps people who need the help and also, you get to write it off on your taxes

If you’re currently undergoing changes, and you are going to continue, you may want to shop at secondhand stores temporarily until you reach your goals and your physique stabilizes. That way you aren’t blowing your whole paycheck on new clothes every month. You can donate the same clothes right back if you outgrow or outshrink them.

Wear whats comfortable. If you feel good you’re going to exude confidence and that’s sexy. Regardless of the trends. If your giant squat booty is making that dress a little too short, throw some leggings on under it. You’ll look great and you wont have to worry about your goodies hanging out because they’ll be covered.

Your shirts are getting a little baggy? Throw a fashionable belt over it. Still in style, and now you’re also showcasing your new little waist.

copyright Pei Hua Yeap
copyright Pei Hua Yeap

Be creative and don’t be worried what other people think. If people a judgy about what you wear (I have 10 of the exact same tank tops in various colors, and wear leggings all day everyday) just know its only because your success makes them insecure about their complacency. Tell them to suck it, and strut off with the knowledge that you look amazing naked.

Then of course, you can seek out clothes designed for women with curves. Some brands I’ve found are:

YMI Wanna Betta Butt jeans, they have darts in all the right places creating jeans that fit over the boo-tay and no gap at the waist.

PEK apparel Diana blouse, this dress shirt was made with fit chicks in mind. Its tailored with a little extra room in the arms and shoulders so you know you won’t be hulking out and splitting seams when you try to look professional for that business meeting.

Betabrand has a bunch of adorable clothes made with a little stretch so you can still look professional and be comfortable. Not to mention their amazing Bike to Work pants equipped with a slew of safety and style features to help keep you safe, covered, and looking smokin’ on the commute as well as in the office.

If you know of any other great tips or brands we have overlooked, be sure to let us know in the comments!


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Mariah Aurora is an lifestyle and fitness coach and professional Makeup Artist. Her goal is to help as many people as possible overcome personal setbacks so they can achieve the body and life they deserve.

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