Feel prettier NOW!

5 mins to perk you up
Do a little something for yourself that always makes you feel prettier. For example, If you think you look amazing with lipstick, but you don’t have time to do a whole face of makeup, just pop a little color on your lips and go! This applies for everything. You don’t have to spend an hour getting dolled up to feel a little boost. Try these quick 5 min fixes:

  • Mascara, it opens up and draws attention to your eyes, and you can wear it alone!
  • Cute hair accessory, like a headband or clip.
  • Wear a shirt that is a little nicer than usual, or an extra cute pair of shoes.
  • Wear some sexy lingerie under your normal clothes, nobody will see it, but knowing its there and that you look adorable under your clothes, will help boost your confidence.
  • Add a little blush. It helps you look more awake and alert

Daily routines
Adding something to your daily routine that gives you a boost of confidence or helps you look better long term can work wonders for your self esteem. Try things like this:

  • Make sure to wash and moisturize your face every night before bed. This will help your skin look better, younger, and feel softer
  • Do 10 mins of cardio first thing in the morning before you eat or shower. You wont miss out on too much sleep, and you’ll wake up faster than with a cup of coffee. This will also help get your metabolism kicked into gear and will give you more energy throughout the day (do this in addition to your regular exercise routine, not instead of it)
  • Drink more water! It will help plump up your skin filling in all those wrinkles and sunken eyes, lighten the dark circles around your eyes and help flush out toxins.

Check Your Thoughts
When you hare having a negative thought like “I am so ugly” or “I am so fat” you are connecting your identity as a person to a thought you are having. When you notice a negative thought like that creep up stop immediately and change your inner dialogue.

Say it out loud if you need to, but change the thought to: “I am having the thought that I am too fat” or “I am having a feeling that I am not pretty enough” This separates you from your thoughts. This is important because you are not our thoughts, they are things you have.

After changing your “I am” thought to “I am having the thought that…” say something nice about your self and attach your identity to it like, “I AM awesome” or “I AM generous” or, “I AM good enough.” This will help reprogram your brain to separate yourself from damaging thoughts while embracing good ones.

Also, try to keep in mind that everyone has their own views on beauty. What one person thinks is their worst feature might be another person’s favorite thing about them. Focus on being beautiful on the inside and others are sure to see it on the outside.



photo by Brady Hsu

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Mariah Aurora is an lifestyle and fitness coach and professional Makeup Artist. Her goal is to help as many people as possible overcome personal setbacks so they can achieve the body and life they deserve.

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