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With all the junk floating around today, in the air, in our food, in our lives in general; who needs it in their cosmetics? Not us! Here we have compiled a list of the 4 best beauty blogs where you can find a host of natural products from vegan to cruelty free to organic. From drug store finds to top of the line bougie foo-foo cosmetics and everything in between. scroll through their pages and you’re guaranteed to find something that will help you feel better and help the world.


Cult of Pretty

COPA blog written by a beauty professional working in beauty R&D dedicated to finding the best products. Ann cuts through the crap and looks at the ingredients of products to make sure she recommends top quality stuff.




My Beauty Bunny

TBBYour online resource for finding brands and products that are cruelty free and/or vegan. They also have a section called “Dupes” for finding cruelty free replacements for your favorite products. Get the look and do something good for our world. They also continue to reevaluate companies on the cruelty free list and if something they have done does not meet their standards they are removed and their followers are informed.


The Natural Junkie

TNJThe Natural Junkie is a self proclaimed “Natural beauty and vegan lifestyle blog.” We’ve included this on our list not because of the vegan lifestyle but because they created the blog for women who are concerned about the high number of chemicals in beauty products. Health is important to them, as it is to us.




KLA lifestyle and natural beauty blog. This blog is great because the articles are meant to be easy to read, who doesn’t love that?! This blog helps you find top quality, natural cosmetics and skincare.








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