Beauty and Fashion Editorial Submission Guidelines

Editorial Submission Guidelines

Initial submissions (at least 4 photos) should be sent in low resolution to Include the photographers name and a title. If you are submitting on behalf of someone else, please confirm permission from the photographer or whomever owns the copyright to the images.


  • For fashion, wardrobe credits are required.
  • For Beauty, makeup credits are required.
  • All submissions require photographer and model credits.

Please note that we do not accept “stylist’s own” for wardrobe credits. Include the label even if it belongs to the stylist, or is vintage. This also applies for beauty/makeup labels.

Approved Submissions:

After initial low-res submission is approved we will require:

1. High resolution images
2. Credit for everyone involved.
3. No logos or watermarks on the photos.
4. Files must be JPEG or PDF
5. Signed Model Release


Unfortunately we are not able to give specific reasons as to why we do not use any particular editorial. We will try to respond to each request, though due to the volume of submissions we receive we can not guarantee you will get a notice of rejection. If you do not hear from us within one week you may assume we did not accept your story. This does not mean you can’t submit other stories.
We encourage submissions even if your other stories have been rejected in the past!