The 15 minute workout

Here it is, the 15 minute workout

Warm up
4 minutes of burpees – track how many you can do in 4 minutes. Watching your number go up is a good way to keep track of your progress

1 min of jumping squats – touch the floor then jump and try to touch the ceiling.jumpsquat

  • Start with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart
  • keeping your chest up and back flat, bend your knees and drop your hips until you can touch the floor
  • explode up while raising your hands directly in front of you, ending with them above your head and your body in full extension in the air
  • land softly on the balls of your feet first

1 min of push-ups with arm raise – make it easier by doing them on your knees, make it more challenging by elevating your feet.

  • Lay on your stomachpushup armraise
  • place your hands on the ground directly under your shoulders
  • place toes on ground (on knees)
  • press your hands firmly into the ground lifting your body, be careful to maintain a flat back, do not lift the hips first or let them sag
  • once both arms are fully extended lift on arm off the ground until its in line with your body, like you are trying to touch the wall in front of you
  • place hand back on the ground and repeat the movement on the other side

1 min of bicycle crunches

  • lie on your back
  • place hands behind head and lift feet off the ground
  • alternate touching opposite elbows and knees
  • If its too easy, pick up the pace! You can also sit up so you are balancing on your butt instead of lying on your back.

See video here

1 min of band or dumbbell rows – this one you’ll need either an exercise band, dumbbells, or something heavy you can use as weights.

  • Hook the band around a doorknob or something else mid level (alternatively you can sit on the ground and hook it around your feet
  • keep back straight and palms facing each other
  • pull back from the elbow until your wrists are by your waist, keeping elbows close to your side the whole time

Here are variations you can try

  • If you’re using weights bend over at the hip, keeping your back straight, and your knees slightly bent
  • you should be holding dumbbells (or other heavy objects) arms extended and palms facing each other
  • keeping your elbows close to your body the whole time, lift the weights until your wrists are beside your waist, then lower and start again.

For a video on how to perform this movement properly click here

Rest, beginners rest 1 min, advanced rest 30 seconds.


Instead of taking a rest for the last minute, cool down by jogging in place.







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