What is the Healthiest Diet For Humans

What is the Healthiest Diet For Humans?

With so many diets available, how are you supposed to know which one to pick?

When I say “diet” I use the word in a broad sense, I am not talking about limiting calories with the intention to lose weight, I just mean the collection of foods you choose to eat.

There has been massive research on numerous diets and all the research points to the special diet being better than the Standard American Diet (SAD for short).

The Paleo diet cures cancer.

A high fat, low carb diet (Keto) can reverse diabetes.

The Vegan diet cures cancer.

The Raw Food diet cures cancer.

Juicing cures cancer.

There is anecdotal and scientific research to prove all of these statements.

So which one is best?

If you ask Galit Goldfarb she will tell you she is cancer free from following her plant based protocol The Guerrilla Diet, and that it is the ideal diet for humans, since although we do have differences we are all essentially the same as humans and we all have similar dietary requirements. She even did a Ted Talk on it.

There is also a Ted Talk from Eran Segal that says everyone’s diet is highly individualized and that in order to find your ideal diet you have to track how your body responds to specific foods. What may be very healthy for you could be killing someone else.

Meanwhile, John McDougall’s Ted Talk shows evidence that humans were meant to eat a diet centered around starches. Potatoes, corn, and rice have healed thousands of his patients!

After watching my father succumb to cancer of the colon himself, I vowed to be as healthy as I could be. To find out what the ideal diet was and do everything in my power to follow it, because I couldn’t bear the thought of going through what he did. After years of research, I believe I have found the answer.

There isn’t one. That’s to say, there isn’t ONE answer.

What do ALL of these cancer curing diets have in common?

Instead of looking at all the differences, choosing one I believe to be the best, then continuing my research to prove that I am right, the way most of these people have done, I decided to take a different approach. I decided to look for similarities in the research instead of the differences.

The problem with the studies on these diets is this: They compare themselves to the SAD, not to each other. There are a millon studies comparing the vegan diet to the SAD. How many studies compare a strict Raw food diet to a strict Vegan diet? Or Paleo to Keto? Nobody is interested in comparing one “healthy” diet to another “healthy” diet.

There were 2 commonalities in all of these diets and their research that was glaringly obvious to me:

Humans should not be eating preservatives or artificial sweeteners.
Processed foods are questionable at best, and will kill you at worst.

Most of the scientists say humans are not supposed to ingest cow milk, or its byproducts either. So, whether your diet is centered around starchy carbs, raw vegetables, or lean meats, The one thing we can all agree on is that your food should be whole, natural foods that the earth provides as-is. You should be able to go somewhere in the world and either pick your food or kill it.

Your food should not have to pass through a machine, heating process, be genetically engineered or have chemical additives in order to make it safe to eat.

I realize this is a huge inconvenience. Nobody wants to go to the grocery store 3 times a week because their food spoils. But the price you pay for convenience could be the ultimate price.

What are preservatives anyway?

Preservatives are designed to keep your food “fresh,” to inhibit mold growth, keep bacteria from spreading, to stop it from spoiling. The major problem with this is that preservatives actually do their job quite well. Your intestines are filled with a delicate balance of bacteria which you need in order to break down foods properly. Not all bacteria is bad. By using these beneficial bacteria in your gut, your body is able to break down your food and extract nutrition in order to feed your cells. If your food is full of chemicals designed to ward off bacteria then you are, at the very least, keeping good bacteria from doing its job making your body unable to properly utilize the foods you are eating, and at worst killing them off and disrupting the balance in your body

Think of it this way: You have an Audi. It requires at least 91 octane fuel. Will it run on 87? Sure. It will run, run very rough, with a knocking noise. You decide that’s ok. You’ll just turn up the music so you won’t notice the noise. Over time you have to turn the music up louder and louder until the car eventually breaks down. You are left feeling confused. It was running on 87, why did it stop?

This is essentially what we are doing to our bodies. You are an Audi and food is your gasoline. Sure, you will run on M&Ms and tortilla chips but eventually you’ll start to feel kind of sick (running rough and making a noise). You can’t figure out why you have a headache (the noise), so you take some painkillers (the music). Eventually you end up with cancer and its too late to turn things around.

This is why it is so important to make sure you are fueling your body properly. I know those sugary drinks and Oreos taste good, but you have no way of knowing what kind of damage you are doing to yourself until its too late.

It’s difficult not really knowing which diet is ideal, or which one is the best, but we do know which ones are the worst! If you can’t have the best, you can at least avoid the worst, and get a good result, perhaps even a great one. After all, people have reported curing cancer with lots of dietary methods so my recommendation is to just eat food that the earth provides and makes you feel healthy, and you’ll be as healthy as you can be. You will most certainly be better off than people on the SAD.

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